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Farvehar:  This hand-crafted jewelry honors the protector of the people sent to us by the wise god, Ahuramazda, often called the originator of all ancient religions. Ahuramazda proclaimed that the truly righteous in thoughts and deeds would transcend this world into the clean and pure after world. Zoroastrianism was received by monarchs of the Archemion dynasty and common folk alike in ancient Persia and is still practiced today in modern Persia.

Farvehar Pendant (large)
actual size
Farvehar Pendant (large)
Farvehar Pendant (small)
not actual size
(Same size as Bracelet)

Farvehar Pendant (small)
Farvehar Bracelet
actual size
Farvehar bracelet
Farvehar Men's Ring
not actual size
Farvehar Ring Women
Farvehar Women's Ring
not actual size
Farvehar Ring Women

Karat Earring Pendant (small) Pendant (large) Bracelet Men's Ring Ladies Ring
10K $295 $175 $395 $545 $395 $295
14K $375 $225 $495 $645 $495 $375
18K $445 $295 $595 $795 $595 $475

The Chariot:  Chariots in ancient Persia preceeded those found in ancient Rome and other well-known empires. In royal ceremonies or in their many successful battles, kings ruling centuries before Christ wielded power from the chariots which to their loyal subjects and to their enemies represented the overwhelming power of the monarchs and the glory of ancient Persia. This hand crafted jewelry depicts those ancient monarchs and commemorates the forgotten empire that contributed so much to history and to our lives today.
Chariot Earring Chariot
Chariot Bracelet
Chariot Pendant
(Shown larger. Actual size is same as above.)
Chariot Pendant

The Chariot
Karat Earring Pendant Bracelet
10K $325 $175 $495
14K $395 $245 $625
18K $495 $325 $795

The Royal Lion:  The Royal Lion is modeled after the royal lion ornaments made exclusively for King Darius I of Persia and members of his royal court. Often these lion heads were fashioned from gold and sewen into garments to fasten the King's robes. As royal buttons, these dazzling gold lions represented the majestic powers of ancient Persia.

The Royal Lion Pendant
actual size
Royal Lion pendant
The Royal Lion Men's Ring
not actual size
Royal Lion Men's Ring

The Royal Lion
Karat Pendant Men's Ring
10K $295 $595
14K $375 $695
18K $445 $795

The Two Headed Bull:  The Two Headed Bull sat on top of the columns of the Palace of Apadana, in ancient Perspolis, home of King of Kings Darius I. Darius I ruled Persia in 4th - 5th century B.C. With his two heads, this ancient bull could survey the empires vast lands and warn of any invading army or herald the arrival of honored guests.
Two Headed Bull Bracelet (actual size) Two Headed Bull Bracelet
Two Headed Bull Pendant (actual size) Two Headed Bull Pendant

The Two Headed Bull
Karat Earring Pendant Bracelet
10K $445 $295 $895
14K $545 $375 $1195
18K $695 $475 $1495

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Royal Battle 10K     $295
14K     $395
18K     $495
(actual size 1.5" x 3/4")

10K     $275 10K     $275
14K     $345 14K     $345
18K     $445 18K     $445
(actual size 1" diameter)   (actual size 1 1/4" diameter)  

Iran necklace 10K     $275
14K     $345
18K     $445
(actual size)

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